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Electric engine CaymanB 55 Lbs GPS

Haswing electric outboard engine, bow mount. In freshwater and seawater use.

CaymanB 55 Lbs GPS  

The Cayman B 55 Lbs GPS bow mount electric outboard motor is among the best electric outboard motors in the electric motor market. Haswing's research and development department has developed its robust electric motors with the sole objective of satisfying the reliability requirements of boat owners who wish to sail both at sea (sacrificial anode) and river and lake, with a total respect of the environment.

By its exceptional price/quality ratio, it is an very good choice for sea and river anglers, eco-conscious boaters while remaining within a reasonable budget. The Haswing outboard engine will represent a reasonable and safe investment for you, guaranteed for two years with MIDIF's renowned after-sales service (exclusive importer of marine and industrial engines MITSUBISHI, owner of the MIDIF Diesel brand)